Anand Venkatanarayanan & Saikat Datta - Aadhaar: The State of Security & Privacy in 2018

About the Guests

Anand Venkatanarayanan has over 20 years of experience in design and development of system software across multiple operating systems with deep proficiency on Intel CPU based platforms. He has worked with Nokia & Intel in the past. And he is currently working with NetApp as a senior engineer. He has spoken about Security & Privacy issues of Aadhaar & has written articles on the same for The Quint, The Wire, etc. He is a known privacy buff and mistakenly believes that everyone should care about their privacy.

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Saikat Datta has over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in Media, Public Policy & Security. He is currently the South Asia Editor for Asia Times. He is also the author of India's Special Forces, a seminal book on the history and the future of India's special operations capabilities.

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About the Episode

In the third episode of The NULLCON Podcast, Anand Venkatanarayanan & Saikat Datta spoke about vulnerabilities discovered in the Aadhaar system in 2018.

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