Shannon Morse - Hak5, Women in Security, Online Harassment & Stalking

About the Guest

Shannon Morse has been building computers since she was child-size, and discovered her love for theater early on. After college, Online Media felt like the perfect combination of both technology and entertainment. She has been podcasting since 2008 and is an influencer in consumer technology and internet security. Her expertise include hardware reviews and how-tos, tutorials for network administration and security, the credit card industry, and software defined radio.

Shannon hosts TekThing and Threat Wire (independent); Hak5 and HakTip via Discovery Digital Networks; and her own show, the Snubs Report.

Shannon is a public speaker, most notably keynoting AusCERT 2017, and giving talks for WISP (Women in Security and Privacy), and various panels. She is an advocate for women in technology.

You may find Shannon on Twitter:
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About the Episode

In the fifth episode of The NULLCON Podcast, a podcasting legend, Shannon Morse talked about Hak5 show which inspired a generation of hackers, gurus and IT ninjas. She also spoke about closing the gender gap, women in cybersecurity and tips for tackling/reporting online harassment & stalking.

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