Joe Grand - Prototype This!, L0pht, Hardware Hacking, #BadgeLife & DEFCON 27 Badge

About the Guest

Joe Grand or more commonly known as Kingpin in the hacker community. Apart from being a computer engineer and hardware hacker, he is also the founder of Grand Idea Studio, a product design, development and licensing firm based in the US. Joe specializes in creating, exploring, and manipulating electronic devices. He is a sought after speaker for his work on reverse engineering and hacking embedded systems. Joe was part of L0pht Heavy industries - a famous hacker collective in the 90s. Where he along with other members of L0pht testified before the Congress in the 90s - that they could shut down the entire Internet in 30 minutes. He also appeared on Discovery Channel's show Prototype This!

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About the Episode

In the sixth episode of The NULLCON Podcast, an American electrical engineer, inventor, and hardware hacker, Joe Grand (aka Kingpin) talked about his Discovery Channel television show Prototype This!, L0pht Heavy Industries, ATstake Inc. He talked about why he started Grand Idea Studio, his principals & work ethics. He is designing an electronic badge for upcoming DEFCON 27 & gave some insights into a badge.

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