Diana Kelley - AI, ML, Cybersecurity, Azure Sentinel, Tay-bot, Diversity & Inclusion

About the Guest

Diana Kelley is the Cybersecurity Field Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft and a cybersecurity architect, executive advisor and author. She leverages her 25+ years of cyber-risk and security experience to provide advice and guidance to CSOs/CIOs/CISOs at some of the world’s largest companies and is a contributor to the MSIR. Prior to this role, she worked as the Global Executive Security Advisor at IBM.

You may find Diana on Twitter:
Diana Kelley on Twitter

About the Episode

In the seventh episode of The NULLCON Podcast, Microsoft's cybersecurity field CTO Diana Kelley talked about building better products, teams, values with respect to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Cybersecurity. She also talked about the importance of culture, diversity & inclusion in AI & ML solutions. Listen to the story of Tay-bot, an artificial intelligence chatterbot released by Microsoft in 2016.

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