Nikhil Pahwa - MediaNama, Technology & Internet Policies in India, Privacy vs. Surveillance

About the Guest

Nikhil Pahwa is Founder & Editor at MediaNama. He was named TED Fellow in 2016 and recently listed in Asia Society's 2019 Class of Asia 21 Young Leaders. He is the co-founder of SaveTheInternet.in and Internet Freedom Foundation.

You may find Nikhil on Twitter:
Nikhil Pahwa on Twitter

About the Episode

In the ninth episode of The NULLCON Podcast, Founder & Editor of MediaNama, Nikhil Pahwa spoke about the future of technology & internet policies in India, the role of media & tech community in the policymaking. He further recommended why a "Rights first" approach should be there in the policymaking process.
Nikhil also shared the story of how he started MediaNama, which provides information and analysis on Digital and Telecom businesses in India.
After listening to this episode, if you feel like exploring more on the future of internet policy in India then read this article by Nikhil on MediaNama: https://www.medianama.com/2019/05/223-future-of-internet-policy-in-india-2019/.

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